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Our team

Staf Wynants

Staff Wynants


  • Website designer

  • Website admin 

  • Implementation AI

  • Implementation Automations

  • Business Development

Quinten De Meyer

Quentin DeMeyer


  • Marketing strategy

  • Marketing admin 

  • Social Media management

  • Campaign developer

  • Business Development

Quinten and Staf had been friends since childhood and always dreamed of starting a company together. After months of talking and planning, they finally decided to take the plunge and start their own business.

They knew that SMEs   often struggled with marketing and digitization, leaving the companies feeling overwhelmed and overburdened. Quinten and Staf saw an opportunity to make a difference by offering their expertise to these companies and helping them to develop. They wanted to completely relieve these companies of these tasks. Quinten and Staf don't just make a plan for their customers and then walk away. They carry it out themselves or provide extensive guidance with its implementation.

MDMW identifies itself as a partner to your company, not a supplier.


MDMW is a driven team of young entrepreneurs, raised in a digital world, with the ambition
to apply this digital knowledge to achieve commercial growth within SMEs. Keeping up with this digital era is not always easy, but we cannot ignore the fact that this is necessary to be competitive in a sustainable way and to remain so in the future.
We go that extra mile every day to provide our customers with customized services and make the leap
to their next target as easily as possible for them.

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